Workspace for College Students

With colleges closing and delaying the opening of their campuses, students are forced to take online classes and study from home. What do you do if your home is not a conducive workspace for college students? Your local library would be a great option, but they are limiting hours and the number of those that can get in. What do you do if the library is full when you get there?

Colony Workplaces understands the challenges that students are now faced with and would like to help. We are offering discounted rates to all students that are in need of a quiet place to study. If you like a library setting, our coworking space would be perfect for you. Here, you can work in a community setting with other students and business professionals. You can study while overlooking our amazing harbor views, work in our lounges and socialize with others.

If you need your own space, we offer dedicated desks. Enjoy your own space with privacy wall in a secluded area. If you need a break from the solitary confinement, go to one of our two lounges or the coworking space. Strike up a conversation or watch some TV while enjoying a cup of coffee.

For the ultimate in privacy, consider one of our private offices. This option offers you solitary confinement or the ability to share the space with your friends. Here, you can really spread out, collaborate with friends and still enjoy everything coworking.

Monthly Rates For College Students

ServiceStandard RateCollege Discount
Coworking Space$250$199
Dedicated Desk$550$399
Private Office Space$1,700$1299

At Colony, you get blazing fast Internet, 24/7 access, unlimited coffee and an invigorating workspace. We offer two lounges, amazing views of Huntington Harbor, TV and all utilities.

If you need workspace for college students now, or would like to make arrangements from the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, contact us today.

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