Why Live in Huntington, NY

5 Reason Why Huntington is a Great Place to Live

Long Island is a beautiful place to live, offering such a great variety of options.  How do you choose what is best for you?  Why live in Huntington NY is a great question, we are sure that this article will help influence you.  Having grown up and raised my family in Huntington, I might be a little biased to this great town.  So, let me point out some great features that might help you see that this really is a great place to live.

The Paramount

If you love concerts and clubbing, you will have access to one of the top ranked clubs in the world.  From world class cover bands to top notch performers, The Paramount is certainly one of the best places to get out, dance your butt off and blow off some steam.



Weather it be the food, the amazing water views or the chill outdoor fire pits, come down and see why people come from all over to enjoy an evening in this great hotspot.  Who knows, one night you might even see Billy Joel pull up on his boat.


Heckscher Park

Filled with activity, this park has it all.  You to take the kids out for exercise on the softball field, tennis courts, or the playground.  Enjoy a walk around the pond and watch the fish and turtles in the water.  Make sure you get a schedule of the outdoor movies and concerts over the summer.  These events are great for kids and adults.  And if you want a bit of sophistication, don’t miss out on the amazing museum.


Great Office Space

There is a good chance that you either work from home for a large company or you own your own business.  Working from home is fine for some, but don’t miss out on some of the local coworking and shared office space options, like Colony Workplaces.  Here you can walk, ride your bike or drive to work.  From the coworking space, you can enjoy amazing unobstructed harbor views.  Unlike your home office, you will be energized while surrounded by likeminded business professionals.


The Beaches

Ok, I concede, you can’t beat Fire Island and Jones Beach.  But you will definitely find several local town beaches here.  From Gold Star in the harbor to West Neck in Cold Spring Harbor, you are sure to find your own little slice of heaven.


Why live in Huntington NY, start with the Chamber of Commerce and take it from there.

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