What is Incubator Office Space?

Incubator office space is a workplace designed to foster the growth of a new company.  It is an environment that allows the user to do nothing but focus on their work, without distraction.  Creating an ideal workspace for start-ups and small businesses, Incubator office space, also known as serviced office space, offer a pay one-price solution.  Even more important, you don’t have to do anything to manage the space.  The office space comes furnished, managed, wired, with Wi-Fi and all utilities included.

The Conveniences of Incubator Office Space

But the convenience gets even better.  Places like Colony Workplaces can start you off in coworking space at a minimal rate. You get 24/7 access, an all inclusive rate, and you get to leave the distractions of your home office behind. Even better, you get to surround yourself with likeminded business professionals, which is great for networking and motivation.  With a monthly agreements, you are never over committed.

At Colony Workplaces, when you start to outgrow the coworking community, you can move on to a private desk. With all the services and features of coworking, now you can enjoy your own private space with lockable cabinets and room to leave things on your desk.

As your business continues to grow, Colony will continue to incubate your business with a private office. Now, you are truly in your own space, offering privacy, the ability to meet with clients and even decorate the space to your liking.  You get to maintain flexibility with the terms and you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the facility.  You still have access to the lounges and community space.  And when you are truly ready for a suite, Colony can take care of that too.

For more information on how you can benefit from our incubator office space, contact us today, so you can move in tomorrow.

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