“Thrive in The Hive” Defined

Thrive in The Hive, DefinedThrive in the Hive

We were recently asked what we meant by our tagline, “Thrive in The Hive.”  Since coining the tagline, we find ourselves embedding in our community more and more.  Watching our members come together and watching the way they work, it becomes a more relevant mantra everyday.

When we set out to open our Long Island coworking space, it was important for us to be clear that we were not simply trying to open an office space, but we are building a community. That is where the “Colony” name came from, a place where everyone would become part of a social network.  Not necessarily working together for one cause, like a bee, but being there to support each other in their endeavor to succeed.

A honeybee is a social creature that lives in a large well-organized family group.  The bees know what their tasks are and tend to be relentless at completing their job.  It is written that honeybees are among the most fascinating creatures on Earth. It is also important to note that the honeybee is at the core of our ecosystem.  Without the bee, plant life and our food would not exist.

When we say, “come, thrive in the hive”, we are asking you to join our colony of workers, so you and our network can thrive.  Studies have proven that individuals are more productive when working while surrounded by likeminded professionals.  While “working from home” comes across as a wonderful convenience on the surface, individuals are not as productive or happy.

For as little as $99 a month, Colony Workplaces offers you the ability to get out of your solitary confinement and see what it is like working while surrounded by a peaceful energy.

And if you are still not sure, ask us for a free trial.  We are just that confident that our community will energize you.

Learn more about honey bees and how they are crucial to our environment.

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