Huntington Office Space: Summer Special

Colony Workplaces: Summer Office Space Specials


So you boss will let you work from home one day a week if you can find a proper office space. Maybe your company will pay for it, maybe you will.  Lucky for you, Colony Workplaces, located in the heart of Huntington, is offering summer office space special rates.  With a professional setting, convenient location and plenty of parking, we offer you the ideal solution for the summer.  Sign up now and get one day a week at Colony Workplaces for only $150 from now till Labor Day.

Secure business hours access to our coworking space for a super low price!  All prices below are your special full rate till Labor Day.  Here are our summer office space specials:


Coworking Space: One day a week access during business hours: $150

Coworking Space, 24/7 access: $500

Meeting Room Access: $25 per hour

Off Hours Access (6am-9am, 6pm-9pm): $100

Day Rate: $20 *per use


What you get for the price:

Start-up fee: WAIVED

Security deposit: WAIVED

Professional quiet business setting


Privacy booths for phone calls

Outdoor workspace


All utilities


Do the math, for only $16 a day, you can have summer office space with access to everything above.  And, who knows, you might even be able to win some business while networking with our regular clients.


If you are interested in more permanent solutions or a private office, contact us now.


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