Office Space Set to Re-open at Phase II

Phase II Reopening Includes Office Space

Are You Ready?


Phase II of New York’s reopening plan includes office space.  With less then two weeks to go, ask yourself if you have prepared your space with social distancing in mind.  When you return, will your workspace be convenient, comfortable, and most importantly, safe? Is your office space designed with COVID-19 and social distancing in mind?

Two questions to ask yourself, do I really need to travel into the city on mass transit and does my office space fall in line with social distancing guidelines?  If the answer to either question in “no”, you might want to consider a local office space, like Colony Workplaces.  At Colony, you don’t need to risk your health by traveling on mass transit.  Also, you can spread your team out over several locations so they don’t have to work in close proximity to each other.

The best thing about Colony Workplaces is that you can enter into a short-term agreement.  So, when things do quiet down and you can return to normal lives, it is easy move back to your regular space.

Contact us now to learn how easy it is to get in and out of a local Workplace with efficiency.

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