3 Things to Consider with Office Space in Huntington

Office Space in Huntington

When looking for office space in Huntington, there are so many factors to consider.  What is right for one person might not be for another. With so many options, it is easy to find a space that is the perfect fit for you.  Here are three things you need to consider when moving into office space in Huntington.

Proximity to Your Home

Today, everyone is managing such a busy life, every minute matters.  Not just from the perspective of what it takes to get to the office, but how quickly can you get back home to your kids or your pet.  What if you want to pop into the office for an hour or work just a little late?  Proximity matters!


It’s no secret that driving into Huntington and finding a parking spot can be a source of stress for anyone. Then, when you find a parking spot, it might be metered or 3 hour spot.  What if you could actually circumvent  Huntington and park in a spot that was not metered?  Office space in Huntington, like Colony Workplaces do come with their own parking lot.

Neighboring Businesses

It’s one thing to find the perfect office space in Huntington at the perfect price, but it has to have supporting local amenities.  How close is the nearest coffee shop, dry cleaner or lunch hotspot. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk to the local deli or pizza place?  What if you could drop off your dry cleaning, walk to work, then pick it up that day without having to drive anywhere?  Perhaps you want to clear your head and take a walk along the waterfront path that the town put in.  At Colony Workplaces, all of these amenities are right out our front door.

Is Colony Workplaces The Best Option For You?

Located in Halesite, north of Huntington Village, we are easily accessible with plenty of parking and amazing views of the harbor. You will find yourself surrounded by many local businesses that you could benefit from.  Places like Juniors Pizza, TK’s Galley, and Prime are just a few examples of eateries that you can walk to.  Dry cleaning and hair salons are right across the street.  If you are looking for an office that will provide you with complete conveniences, contact Colony Workplaces now.

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