How Long does it Take to Move Into Coworking Space

Huntington Office Space in 1 Hour: Speed of Light

These days, time has become one of our most valuable assets.  Multitasking is routine, so we don’t have the time to slow down.  If a business cannot provide consumers with instant gratification, they risk losing the potential business that has been presented to them.  According to the BBC, the average attention span of a human being is 8 seconds.  That does not give a lot of time to win someone’s business.

We recently secured the business of another member of the Huntington business community.  From the first time we met Michael to the time he committed to the space, the entire process took 15 minutes.  Think about that, in 15 minutes, Mike called me, arranged a time to meet, toured our 7,000sf office complex, introduced himself to other members of our community and decided to move his business into Colony Workplaces; all in 15 minutes.

Mike was able to instantly sit down, log into the Wi-Fi and started working 5 minutes later.  Office space in an hour was secured with all of the paperwork needed to move forward.

Now, the only thing that Mike needs to concern himself with is to show up, make a free cup of coffee and get to work.  Colony Workplaces takes care of everything related to the office, including paying the utilities, cleaning and maintaining the space.

Instant gratification and success all in a days work at Colony Workplaces.  Call now to learn how you can secure office space in an hour. 631.683.4140 or email us today.

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