Office Space for Freelancers

Office Space for Freelancers


If you are a freelance writer, trainer, graphic designer, or programmer, you are solely responsible for your success.  Being a freelancer certainly comes with its perks.  The most popular advantage is that you get to work when you want and where you want, when on assignment. But when you are between jobs, what do you do with your office?  Working from home is great, but what if you have kids, pets, or other distractions to slow you down.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were access to office space for freelancers in Huntington that you can use and pay for only when you need it? 

Temporary office space, also known as coworking, provides you with the flexibility of an office when you need it, for as long as you need it.  And when you are between jobs, you can stop using and paying for the space.

Now you and Colony Workplaces in Huntington, NY, can come together. Colony Workplaces is the perfect solution for anyone who needs on-demand quality meeting and office space. With Colony, you can book office space, meeting rooms, or simply a quiet workspace where you can focus on your projects. Colony helps you make the most of your modern workday whenever you need it.

By providing you with temporary office space for any length of time, you have the freedom to move in whenever you need, for as long as you need.  There is no investment in furniture, technology or infrastructure. 

Be the modern worker: flexible, connected, collaborative, and moving at warp speed.  Come learn how you can thrive in the hive at Colony Workplaces in Huntington, NY.


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