Do You Need a NYC Commute

Leaving NYC is Scary, Are You Ready?

We toured a prospective client on Saturday who was thinking about giving up his Manhattan office space and NYC commute. For the purposes of this article, we will call the prospect, Nick.  Nick loved Colony Workplaces and the office that we have available for him, but wasn’t sure if leaving the city was a smart move.

He felt that he had a lot to consider and didn’t want to take space with us on the emotion of having a shorter commute and an office with water views. Nick’s concerns included being disconnected from his clients, where his staff would work and if he would simply lose touch from being in NYC. We took some time to discuss the pros and cons of this move.  Here is what we came up with.

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The advantages were a no brainer.  Nick was lured in by the reality of cutting his daily NYC commute time from over 3 hours a day down to 20 minutes.  Not only would this improve his work-life balance, but give him more time in the office to work.

With his tentacles already in NYC, he would now have the opportunity to expand into the Long Island market.  He sees that working on Long Island is a growing trend.  Due to the nature of his business, he could take advantage of this trend by being out here on a daily basis.  His staff could manage the NYC office while he grows on Long Island

We also weighed the cost of the office.  With a price point of $750 a month, he would be able to eliminate his space in the city and the cost of the NYC commute, which is $350 a month on the LIRR from Huntington. Even with a weekly visit to the city, the cost savings would be sizable.

But, by eliminating his office space, what would he do with his one employee and where would he meet with clients.  The answer there was simple.  Nick could put his employee in a Wework for about $500 a month or $1000 for a private office.  So, combining a Colony Workplaces office with a Wework office in NYC, Nick would now have two offices for far less then the cost of what he is paying for where he is now.

Nick soon realized that he could still maintain a NYC presence, work from Huntington, shorten his commute and increase his business presence from one location to two.

It’s only Monday and we haven’t signed Nick yet, but we are confident that this is a no brainer for him. Does this sound a little like your situation?  Are you ready to make the move from the city to Long Island?  Learn how easy it can be, click here for us to contact you today.

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