Urbania to Suburbia: The Great March of 2020

Things to Know and About Your Move From NYC to Huntington

If you are one of the thousands that are fleeing the city, looking for a new life in suburbia, you are probably hope to find some of the NYC staple amenities that you are used to. Finding services like food delivery, Uber and serviced workplaces will allow you to maintain a lifestyle that you are used to, but in the new suburban setting that you seek.  You will be happy to know that Huntington delivers on all the conveniences of the city, without the congestion and overpopulation. Places like Harbor Harvest offer prepared meals, while Colony Workplaces can provide you coworking, dedicated desk space and private office space.

The businesses in Huntington have adjusted to the new social distancing norm in amazing ways.  I recently drove through Huntington on a Saturday night and it was as vibrant as ever.  The town closed streets so restaurants could spread and the community could walk around distanced from others.  Everyone has been incredibly receptive to the new norm; Huntington is no different.

Huntington Village

Even if you are just out here staying with family or friends while things get back to normal in your hometown, you should get out and enjoy all that Huntington has to offer.  And if you find yourself crammed into a temporary living situation that is starting to get stressful, you can spread out and work out of Colony Workplaces for a day, week and indefinitely.

When you venture out to see what Huntington has to offer, add Colony Workplaces on your list.  They offer a great workspace with amazing views of Huntington Harbor with flexible all-inclusive terms.  Being in such a great location, you can walk to places like TK’s galley, Harbor Harvest, Prime and more!!

Move to Huntington

Find ways to enjoy the summer, visit the Huntington Chamber of Commerce for more information

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