Colony Workplaces understands that, from time to time, you receive leads that are so small, it is difficult to find office space for them.  With the evolution of Coworking Space, you now have a place your clients will be comfortable in with little to no effort.  And as they outgrow our space, you can move them onto a more suitable solution, working with them at every step of the way.

3 Steps Towards Earning Your Broker Commission

  1. Client Need: your client has a short-term or small office requirement.
  2. Referral: you refer your client to Colony Workplaces by calling us or filling out the client referral form.
  3. Commission: a commission check is sent to you once your client signs.

Real estate brokers tend to look for traditional office space when searching for their clients.  Because this may not always be the best solution, you should consider serviced office space, or coworking.  These options could be a better fit for your requirement.  And if your client is skeptical about a non traditional office space, they can always consider our free trial offer.

Why Long Island Commercial Real Estate Brokers use us

Swing Space - Learn More

  • Your client might need an office before their new space becomes available.  Our short term flexibility is perfect for them.
  • Your client's space is under construction, they need temporary office space.

Temporary Expansion - Inquire How Temporary

Long Island Commercial Real Estate Brokers Closed Deal

  • satellite office for corporate clients
  • short-term projects
  • temporary staff
  • seasonal/cyclical business fluctuations

Small Space Solutions - How Small?

  • incubator space for smaller clients
  • professionals requiring prestigious location at affordable rates

Short-Term Space - How Short Term?

  • monthly, weekly, or daily offices
  • conference and meeting rooms


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