3 Fun Facts About Halesite

3 Reasons To Spend Time in Halesite

When you think of Huntington, you think of Huntington Village.  Filled with every imaginable bar, restaurant, and shop you would need. But there is a problem - PARKING. When you are lucky enough to find a spot, you need to feel the meter, or move your car every 3 hours, or walk 4 blocks to your destination.  We suffer with this grave inconvenience because, we have no choice, or so we think.


Have you considered Halesite?  If you are not familiar with this small part of Huntington, just north of the village, located right on the water, you may want to learn more now.


  1. Halesite Restaurants:

From delis like the famed Bay Deli, to super cool diners like TK’s Galley, to high end dining at Prime and Tutto Pazzo, you will find whatever you are looking for.  And chances are, you will get to park right in front of your establishment without a hassle or a meter to feed.

  1. Halesite Harbor Walk and Park:

Fun fact about Halesite, about two years ago, the town created a beautiful brick path along the harbor.  And the nice thing is that it leads right into a small park with picnic tables.  You will love sitting at a table under a tree, watching the sunset.  And there is nothing better then watching the boats coming and going.  Stop at the Bay Deli, grab a sandwich and drink and go claim your space.  There is always a table and a parking spot available.

  1. Halesite Office Space:

Halesite doesn’t just offer office space; they offer the newest trend in workspace trends called coworking. Before we talk about the space, I want to mention the conveniences of the area.  Once you park your car, you have a 20 foot walk to the front door. But before you go to your office, you can drop off your dry cleaning across the street at the dry cleaners, or use the gym or get your hair cut.  Meet TK twice at TK’s Galley, and he will have your regular order ready for you everyday.


Now, step into your space, stop to look out the window overlooking the harbor, then proceed to your private office space, desk or access the coworking spaceColony Workplaces offers a superior office space environment, with the conveniences and charm of the surrounding area.  The terms of your office space are just as convenient as the area itself.  Contact us today to learn how easy it is to get started now.



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