Improving Your Work-Life Balance with Coworking

Do you work from home? If you’re like many small business owners, you constantly remind yourself that the money you save by not getting a separate workspace is reason enough to allow your workspace to take over your living space. Is working from home the best option simply because your small business allows it? A home office might be a great option for many small business owners, but it has its drawbacks.  Start your work-life balance here.

Work-Life Balance: Separate Needs, Separate Spaces

Studies have proven that working and living in the space space can actually add stress to your workday. While working from home it difficult to avoid distractions such as chores, bills, and your pet. You can also feel as though you’re never really off the clock. Many small business owners will insist that this feeling of a 24-hour workday is a necessary reality of owning a small business, but why exacerbate it with a home office? It takes a great amount of discipline to separate your work-life balance from your home life when both sides share the same space.

Work-Life Balance: Get Social, Get to Work

It’s not uncommon for small business owners to find that the coworking concept has helped them escape the issues of running a small business out of their home. Coworking gives you the opportunity to interact with others and avoid that feeling of isolation that working from home creates. It gives you the opportunity to meet other people with like minded business interests and goals.

Coworking spaces like Colony Workplaces creates the perfect opportunity for networking, idea exchange, business collaboration, and just plain ole socializing. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and more can benefit from a coworking environment. It gives a unique opportunity to inspire those around you and be inspired by them.

If you currently work from home and feel that work/life balance is an issue for you, give Colony Workplaces in Huntington a try. If you are in the Huntington area, consider the invigorating environment that Colony has created in Huntington’s Halesite area, known as HuHa.   Come thrive in the hive.  

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