Colony Workplaces Welcomes Their First Member

Colony Workplaces Signs Their First Client


Jean Moran recently signed up for office space at Colony Workplaces, even before we opened our doors.  She toured the space while we are in our construction phase and immediately saw the potential.  “Definitely worth the wait”, Moran said.  Jean works in New York City for a major financial firm that gives her the flexibility to work from home one day a week.  We asked what drew her to Colony when she had all the comforts of home, she said, “It was the anticipated camaraderie of the coworking environment. Working from home is great, but the isolation and distractions are not optimum.”  Jean went on to tell us that, for years, she has heard about the buzz of coworking and had hoped that this concept would come to Huntington.  This Huntington office space is a great option.


Huntington Coworking is no longer just an option for the start-up entrepreneur community.  More and more users are in situations similar to Ms. Moran. Companies are allowing employees to work from home part time, so long as they have a professional environment.  With the low cost of coworking, this is a great way to have the best of both world.


Coworking offers a hybrid of working from home and going to an office.  With a 7-minute commute for Ms. Moran, the easy commute, an office with a great view, and new friends have given Jean good reason to try this concept. With low costs and flexible terms, everything seemed to line up for her.


About Colony Workplaces – Huntington Office Space

Colony Workplaces offers Huntington coworking, private office space, meeting rooms and virtual offices to the Huntington community.  This is a fully serviced, turnkey office space with flexible terms.  Our meeting rooms are available for as short as an hour, while the office spaces can have terms as short as a month.   that they have signed their first member to the hive.CWP is excited to announce that they have signed their first member to the hive.

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