Why Long Island Coworking Space

Why a Long Island Coworking Space

Since we committed to the office space at 133 New York Avenue in Huntington, NY, so many people have asked us why we made the decision to open Long Island coworking space.  For years, we have been watching Huntington, NY grow from a big town to a small city.  With more and more people moving to the area, it is easy for us to recognize that the demand is there.

There is certainly an abundance of office space in Huntington, but very limited access to coworking space and serviced workplaces in Huntington Village.  When we came upon this the opportunity by the harbor, we knew that we had to jump on it.    Not only is this a great location with plenty of parking and an easier traffic flow, but also the space is beaming with sun and harbor views.

Designing Long Island Coworking Space in Huntington

During our build out, we have gone over the design in our heads a hundred times.  Each time we revisit the configuration, we hold to our core requirements; the space must be functional, peaceful and productive.  In a coworking space, you have a wide variety of people and businesses coming together, each with their own unique need. Sharing the space with someone that likes to talk on their cell phone, while another person just wants to sit quietly and read emails is not uncommon.  There are those that will need a private office while others might only need a conference room once a week.  One of the biggest draws with a coworking space is the desire to socialize and network.  And now we have to conveniently fit this all into 3,000 square feet.

Co-founders, Bill Cody and David Jakubowski, both with more years of experience in their fields then they care to count, have designed a space that answers all of these concerns. They have created a unique variety of work options, while maintaining an inviting office space for all.

Building the Huntington coworking space is only half the battle.  The services and terms have to be equally as convenient.  At Colony Workplaces, you can enjoy convenient and functional office space, with flexible terms by the hour, day, week or month.

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