Finding The Best Coworking Space on Long Island

Anyone looking for office space these days can’t help but take notice of how coworking has exploded around the world.  As the major cities become saturated with these amazing workplaces, the suburbs are starting to catch on.  Coworking spaces are accommodating those that attempt to work from home, but are finding limitations.

Long Island Coworking Spaces have been slow to take off, but it won’t be long before anyone can walk to their new office in a coworking space.  Ahead of the curve, we have set out to create the best coworking space on Long Island.  The word “best” is subjective; so let me explain why we put ourselves on the top of the rankings.


Huntington is one of the most prominent towns on Long Island.  Packed with business professionals trying to escape the clutches of the NYC commute, they are turning to their local community to set up their new business.  It is no new news that Huntington has it’s challenges.  The high rents in the village can really hurt a new company. Super limited parking with meters and 3-hour limits are a real obstacle for the renters and their clients.   This can quickly become a source of stress that is not welcome with any new entrepreneur. At Colony Workplaces, we felt that the best coworking space on Long Island should come with it’s own parking, which we provide.

Calming Environment

Comfortable furniture, unobstructed views of Huntington Harbor, outdoor workspace, private offices, meeting rooms, and parking make for all the amenities you would find at the best coworking space on Long Island.  What else do you need?  Yes, there is more.  We are centrally located to all of Hale

site’s most popular businesses.  Start your day with breakfast at TK’s diner,

View of Huntington Harbor
View of Huntington Harbor

then have lunch at Juniors Pizza, then finish your day with a short walk to Prime for happy hour.  Across the street, we have a gym, dry cleaner and hair salon.  Everything you need is in walking distance.


Short Term Agreements with Low Rates

Being a new business ourselves, we are sympatric to the young businesses in our community. Monthly coworking starting at $249 a month for unlimited 24/7 access, we also have limited access plans for as low as $100 per month.  FREE TRIAL

Get Connected

Within the first three months of being open, two of our members met, became friends, formed a company and moved to their own office space in another town.  This is just one success story, but we have plenty of people that work from our space that know plenty of people in town.  One of our newest members, The Long Islander, have proven to be a great networking resource for our members.  They love meeting with the new businesses in our space. They have even done Colony Member highlights on our clients.  Read their paper to see for yourself.

Colony Cares Program

Colony Cares
Colony Cares

Through our community support program, we give a little back with every new member that signs with us. Currently, we give back to the Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society and Jack Abrams STEM school.


Contact us now and learn how you can benefit for the services of Colony Workplaces.

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