Long Island Coworking Space in Huntington

With over 57 million people working for themselves or a small business, Long Island Coworking Space is becoming one of the most popular ways to work.  It doesn't take long to realize the benefits of getting out of your home office and into a place where you are surrounded by likeminded business professionals.  The distractions at home, although cost effective, will have a negative impact on your work-life balance.

Here are a few benefits to coworking as noted in Coworking Mag:

  • Flexibility in working.Colony Workplaces - Long Island Coworking Space
  • Prospects of better networking.
  • Less office expenditure.
  • Promotes business growth.
  • Coworking with like-minded people.
  • Collaborations & learning new skills.
  • Non-materialistic support.
  • More productivity, more success.

Here are some of the key benefits of Colony Workplaces:

Popular Long Island Coworking Space Plans

If one of our plans does not meet your requirement, we can work out an agreement that will.

Premium Plan

$250 per month

$20/day for guest pass

5 Day Plan

$125 per month

$20 for additional days

Day Use

$30 for Members

$34 for Guests

*Must have an account with Colony for member rate.

Off Hours

$125 per month


6am -10am

6pm - 11pm

*All rates are based on 3 month terms.  Shorter terms can be accommodated upon request.  Contact us now for details.

Colony Workplaces Virtual Tour

About Colony Workplaces

When we set out to create a Long Island coworking space in Huntington, we told our broker that we needed unique space.  We wanted something that no one else was offering to the market.  When we found this location, right on the harbor front, we knew that we had to jump on it.  Although we have designed the space primarily with an open concept, we knew the importance of being able to offer private offices and meeting rooms.

With incredible views of the harbor and the proximity to the shops in Halesite, you will immediately experience the convenience of Colony Workplaces.

You Need To Start Somewhere

Coworking is the fastest trend in officing.  Learn how easy, cost effective and flexible it is.  And if you are not sure, you can try us for free.  Just click the button to get started.