Colony Workplaces Expands

Serviced Office Suites Come To Huntington

Since Colony Workplaces first opened in November of 2018, the enthusiasm for our coworking, office space and meeting rooms has been overwhelming, surpassing our expectations. Even more surprising, though, has been the soaring demand for private office suites and offices.

Now, in order to better serve the needs of the community, Colony will take over the entire building at 133 New York Avenue in Huntington. While we renovate the main floor to match the airy, serene look and feel of our upstairs coworking space, we are giving tours and accepting offers on the new space immediately.

While the top floor is ideal for flexible, affordable coworking and meeting spaces, the addition of the main floor allows us to offer every style of workspace, from private offices, including one with its own entrance, to a lounge and a wonderful reception area, ideal for greeting clients.

Just like our upstairs space, the new 750 square foot suite offers stunning views of the harbor, sunsets and our outdoor patio.  Our spacious private offices are about 120 square feet each, with over 500 additional square feet of team room and reception space.  All of our clients have full access to our lounges, coworking space, meeting rooms and outdoor areas.

Renovation on the private office suites is under way, with only a month left to go before we can call it home. For a tour and a chance to snag the best views on the harbor, contact us, stop by or call us at 631-683-4140.

First Floor Layout

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