What Comes After The Coffee Shop Workspace

Studies show that, not only is a coffee shop workspace a popular way of working, but it is as effective.  According to Inc.com, here are 6 reasons why productivity is higher then a traditional office environment:


  • Coffee shop noise will help you be more productive.
  • Easy to escape the petty and annoying behaviors of coworkers.
  • Employees have proven that they can work outside the office.
  • The work efforts that we witness at the coffee shop is infectious.
  • Trust is demonstrated by the employee and company by cutting out the cubicle.
  • The gig economy is growing.


The success of the coffee shop workspace movement prove themselves as a formidable. One cannot argue with the facts, but what if you could experience this environment, with the support of a coworking workspace?  What if the same noise, activity and mingling could be achieved, not at a coffee shop, but in an office with support, technology and meeting space? Wouldn’t this prove to be an even more successful environment?


What happens when you outgrow the coffee shop?


The trend of co-working has grown at an even faster pace then the coffee shop movement. Statistics from GCUC: 400+ locations in 2010 to over 17,000 today, and a projection to 30,000 or more in 2022.  It is clear that the coworking provider has figured a way to provide productive office space.


A coworking environment such as Colony Workplaces in Huntington NY, provides you with an energy charged environment, private offices, and a business address. It is not uncommon to see clients come together from different backgrounds and bring their collaborative efforts together.


Finally, it’s the coworking environment that allows you to continue thriving in a fast paced environment, but with the professional ambiance when necessary.


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