Can You Thrive in The Hive

Who’s Thriving in The Hive


Anyone starting a business must choose a demographic for her or his target audience.  The way you design your product, the location and the marketing plan has to be in synch.

We knew that the core of our business would come from 20-30 something entrepreneurs, lawyers and financial firms.  Figuring on the 80/20 theory, we assumed that 20% of our business would come from a variety of other industries and ages.

We got the 80/20 correct, but it’s the 80% that is coming from a variety of industries.  If you walked into our space at 7:30 this morning, you would see a medical student studying for her exams, a therapist doing a video session and a 200 year old company run by, uh, let’s just say they are not millenials 🙂 .  Yes, we have our share of law firms, entrepreneurs and 20 somethings, but we were a bit taken back by the variety of members at Colony Workplaces.

We will stick with our marketing plan, but we have certainly broadened our vision.   We used to refer to our workspace as “#SuperCool”, a millennial phrase for sure.  This phrase is still part of our marking, but not on every piece.  Now, we talk about “escaping from your kids this summer” and “work-life balance.”

The most pleasant surprise is that the workspace we created is suitable to so many industries and people of all ages.  Come see for yourself if Colony Workplaces is right for you and if you think can thrive in the hive.

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