Where Can I Have a Meeting in Huntington?

3 Great Business Meeting Places in Huntington

According to Inc.com, there are more then 40 million Americans working from home.  As technology continues to improve and the cost of commuting increases, this number will only go up.  But with a home office, there can be as many cons as there are pros.  For instance, what do you do when you need to meet with a client?  Your home office might be ideal for you, but is it configured for meetings with clients?

One of the reasons you work from home is because it is cost effective.  To maintain this cost effective efficiency, there are still plenty of ways to meet with clients while keeping a professional appearance.   Here are three options that you can use.


Business Meeting Places in Huntington: Go Out To Lunch

There are so many great lunch spots in Huntington that offer lunch specials.  Places like Almarco offer great options and a wonderful setting. The staff, the food and the specials are sure to make for a great meeting.


Business Meeting Places in Huntington:

The Library

The library has plenty of space to meet and talk business and you can’t beat the price.  Of course you need to be mindful of those around you and you will want to get there in advance so you can assure yourself of a good spot.  But other then that, you are good to go.


Business Meeting Places in Huntington:

Coworking Space

Huntington Meeting Room at Colony Workplaces
Huntington Meeting Room at Colony Workplaces

There are several coworking options in Huntington.  Each one comes with it’s own style and configurations, so you will want to plan ahead and make sure that you find the one that is right for you.  If you need privacy, a great Internet connection and presentation monitors, coworking spaces are a great option.  Places like Colony Workplaces offer the general public rates as low as $35 an hour.  Open an account with them and the rate will

drop to $25 an hour.  Their conference rooms have presentation monitors, seating for up to 8 and access to a 1 gig Internet connection;  Oh, and the coffee is free.  They can arrange for catering, or you can go out to lunch at one of the local restaurants.  Go, thrive in the hive today.



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