Benefits of a Healthy Office Space


I read an article that outlines 5 great ways to create a healthy office space.  I suggest you read it and try making a commitment to improving on at least one of these suggestions.  The holiday season is so close, which always brings indulgence, stress and a disruption in our routine.

At Colony Workplaces, we have worked very hard to create a work environment that naturally helps improve our member’s health in the workplace.

Stay Hydrated:  One of the first things we did was put in a high grade water filtration system, encouraging all to drink up.  Drinking water is one of the best things you can do to stay focused.

Keep Moving: We have spread out our seating areas, giving everyone a need to walk.  When sitting, we provide fantastic steelcase chairs to help with posture and circulation.  We have also provided standing desks. As you will read in this article, sitting is the new smoking, so please take advantage of our standing desks when you are in the space.

Avoid Sick Coworkers: This is easy to do if you have a private office with us.  If you work in our coworking space, we offer 4 separate spaces to work.  If you are concerned about a coworker, or if you are sick yourself, there is plenty of space for you to move to.

Manage Stress:  In our coworking space, you will enjoy sunset’s everyday.  Actually, you can watch the

View of Huntington Harbor
View of Huntington Harbor

sunset over Huntington Harbor everyday.  Ok, we don’t guarantee a clear day, but when it is, you will be amazed.   We have provided outdoor seating as well.  Work at a picnic table on the water’s edge to get some fresh salt air. Learn about the benefits of salt air.  You can even enjoy great parking in our private parking lot.  No need to leave extra time to find a spot or to feed the meters.

If you want to come visit our healthy office space, contact us now to set a time to meet.

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